Our apologies.

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We invited you last week via email to log in to the new THT portal to review/update your profile information. You read our email. You took your time to follow the request. You could not get in. 

We're sorry. 

In all transparency, the portal is not working right now, and we have taken it offline to make all of the necessary changes for a successful member experience. These fixes will be made over the coming weeks, and the portal will be reopened upon completion.  Please allow us to explain why.

What we are doing…

A new team of dedicated health professionals came together in the fall to recreate and redevelop your health care plan. The main goal always - delivering superior value to our members through access to high quality healthcare and manageable out-of-pocket expenses. 

The login issue with the portal…

  • Part of the long term vision for you is creating a robust portal that will house all of your essential health plan & wellness information. Phase 1 (which we are in right now) is to build from scratch a new experience. Our dedicated tech team has been building this out. 

  • Part of the build is to aggregate your data in to the system. And the data we pulled is from a combination of the school district data and the legacy THT health plan data. It was, in all honesty, a bit of a mess.

  • Please know that while we did extensive user testing and a significant number of members were able to login and download their new cards, we didn't know that many of you would experience log in issues. It also caught us by surprise.

So what are we doing about it?

  • As we had shared, the portal is now offline while we rework our end-to-end testing. Once this is successfully completed, the portal will be reopened. We will send an update at that time.

  • In the interim, if you are in need of your card information immediately, please call our member services # at 702-794-0272 and choose option #3 to speak to the THT member services team.

Yes, you can use your existing card.

  • You can continue to use your existing cards. Your Participant ID does not change even as we have migrated away from the WellHealth programs. 

Why we wanted to update your cards in the first place…

  • Starting on 4/1/19, THT has moved its network in-house, transitioning away from WellHealth

  • We have a brand new look! We encourage you to click around and also follow along on our (new) social platforms • Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

  • For more information, we’ve compiled top line FAQ regarding the new cards right here

Each of these were considerations to providing you with new electronic cards. We are forward thinking and we want to start fresh and start new. 

With this spirit of starting fresh…

We will have a good working system soon. Please understand that fixing the Teachers Health Trust and making it work for all is a process and not a quick fix. It feels like a 36 year-old start up that requires deconstructing a dysfunctional system and rebuilding simultaneously. It’s tough but we will make this the best health plan in Las Vegas.

Best regards,

The THT Management Team

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