RX Savings

Did you know that medication prices could vary as much as 2000 percent from one pharmacy to the next?

To assist you in managing these costs, the Trust offers a new cutting-edge tool provided by Rx Savings Solutions. This benefit is designed to notify you if there is another pharmacy in your area with lower out-of-pocket prices for your prescription drugs. Remember to stay in-network, if you use a non-preferred pharmacy, your copayment/coinsurance is the same but you are charged the $10 Pharmacy Choice Fee in addition to your standard cost.

Additionally, this tool will provide recommendations on alternative medications that perform the same or better in clinical trials but with a lower out-of-pocket price. Rx Savings Solutions will also provide you with a letter that can help you as you speak with your doctor about making any changes to your prescriptions. You may access this benefit by signing up for an online account today via the Rx Savings Solutions website or by calling 1-800-268-4476.

Once you access these services, you can choose to receive saving opportunities via email or text messages.

Learn more about how RX Savings works by watching this video.


WellDyneRx is an innovative, full-service prescription benefit manager, servicing its health plan members through a retail network of over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. WellDyneRX replaces the 2016 benefit through CVS Caremark as the 90-day mail in RX prescription service.

You will be able to register and manage your prescription benefits through their member portal found at The portal allows for members to:

  • Order Medications
  • Check Order Status
  • Estimate Copayment Costs
  • Locate Pharmacies
  • Find Drug Alternatives
  • Manage Your Health