THT's New Pharmacy

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Dear Member,

2019 has marked a major evolution for Teachers Health Trust. We have brought the provider network in-house and we are creating an entirely new infrastructure so you, our members, can receive high-quality affordable care. Our efforts have been focused and thoughtful to reimagine and rebuild THT. We have been working on:

  • Removing unnecessary barriers

  • Embracing new technology partners to design accessible member services

  • Building new concierge-type wellness and chronic care programs

  • Working towards putting healthcare in the palm of your hands

With this in mind, we are excited to share that THT’s new pharmacy is launching July 1st.


Key Notes


First, please know that all of your current and/or active prescriptions will not be interrupted.

Second, each member will be receiving hard copies of
brand new insurance cards mailed to them on June 10th.
New cards again? Yes. You are receiving new cards because THT’s BIN# is changing.


Key Dates


Speaking of change, we have redesigned the pharmacy program to offer you a better experience. Let us share initial key changes & improvements:


Members will have a much wider network of pharmacies to use and a more open formulary. (so more choices will be available to you)


Our new pharmacy partner will offer same-day delivery through a mobile app experience. You will be able to call, email or message the pharmacy through the app and have prescriptions delivered directly to you at no extra cost.

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We will be sending more details to you leading up to the 7/1 launch. Our team has been working hard to redesign your healthcare plan and programs and we thank you for your patience and support. Our customer service team is always available to you with any questions or comments.


The THT Team