Important Pharmacy News

THT’s New Pharmacy Program

Launching July 1st

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THT’s Commitment to Improvement. 

As we have shared with you,

THT has evolved the pharmacy program to improve your member experience.

We will be officially launching on July 1st.


Important to Note:



You are receiving new cards because THT’s pharmacy provider is changing on 7/1. While THT’s pharmacy BIN is changing, your participant ID does not change. To make this change as easy for you as possible, please read about how to make your pharmacy transition seamless


For Retail Prescriptions.

If your prescription is at a retail pharmacy location and is set to auto-refill, please present your new card to your pharmacy location at least 7-days prior to your refill date to prevent any delay.

For Mail Order Prescriptions.

If you use mail-order for your electronic prescription, no action is needed. If you have a hard copy or written prescription (non-electronic), please consult with your physician to replace with electronic/fax prescriptions at least 14-days prior to your desired date.

For Specialty Prescriptions.

If you have a specialty prescription, please note that you will receive additional communication from us in the coming days.


Thoughtful Improvements in 2019 & beyond

As you take a well-earned pause this summer,
please know that THT is thoughtfully evolve your member service.
We are dedicated to you, our members, and we apply our
core tenets in every effort for you.



Making information, the status and the delivery of your prescriptions more readily available to you.



We expanded the network to have more retail pharmacies for ease of your time.



Offering you the lower cost alternatives for your medications.



We have allocated dedicated customer service and resources to pharmacy questions & comments.


Speaking of communication,


We have heard many issues, and concerns and we endeavor to change this for you by improving your member experience. Many members have talked to us about the cost and availability of medications. Let us take a moment to discuss three main concerns and how THT has changed this for you.


 Concern #1:  

Many members had expressed “Why are the drugs on the formulary so expensive? I followed the steps that my doctor outlined &, to my surprise, the co-pay was more than what I could afford or expected to pay.”

 What did THT do to improve this: 

We reviewed the drugs to ensure that lower cost generic alternatives (when available) would be on the new formulary per each drug class.


Concern #2:  

Many members had expressed
that their drug class was not even listed on the
formulary although the network provider
had prescribed it. 

What did THT do to improve this:  

We made sure that, beginning on July 1st, the lower cost alternatives in that class will be captured in the new formulary.

 Concern #3:  

Many members had expressed
that it was very unclear which medications required
pre-authorization, which in turn, wasted
member’s valuable time.


What did THT do to improve this:  

Beginning July 1st, providers can now view which medications on the THT formulary list require pre-authorization.



Share Your Comments With Us


We endeavor to improve and created a well-rounded and connected health care experience for you. As we continue to improve, we invite you to contact us to share your comments and questions. Our THT team is dedicated to you and we look forward to sharing more exciting health improvements in the 2nd half of 2019.

Rebecca O