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Three Reasons Why An
Annual Physical Is So Important

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No matter your age or stage of life, annual physical exams are essential to your ongoing health. Visiting your primary care provider for regular preventive care is one of the best ways to identify and treat health issues before they get worse. These visits also help you track your progress toward your health goals. Here are five reasons why annual physical exams are important and screening and immunization resources to help you learn how you can stay healthy.

Assessing your overall health

Depending on your risk factors, age, lifestyle and family history, your doctor may order a variety of blood tests and other screenings during your annual physical exam. These tests can identify underlying conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms. Your test results also enable your doctor to make recommendations for follow-up testing, as well as lifestyle, exercise or diet changes that can help you improve or maintain your health.

Updating your vaccines

Vaccines aren’t just for kids. Adults need to keep their vaccines up to date to prevent dangerous diseases, too. Your doctor will review your vaccination history and risk factors during your annual physical exam and may recommend immunizations.

Establishing A Relationship With
Your Doctor

Your primary care practitioner is your healthcare partner, and an annual physical exam is a great way to get to know your doctor—and allow your doctor to get to know you. Although you may see your primary care practitioner at other times during the year for minor illnesses and injuries, those “sick care” visits usually are focused on treating a specific problem.

During your annual physical exam, the focus is on your overall wellness and the preventive care you need to stay healthy. In addition to learning more about you and your lifestyle, your doctor will allow plenty of time to address any concerns or answer questions you may have about medications, treatment plans or other health issues.

Rebecca O