The end of the
school year …

…is an incredible milestone and one that should be championed. Many of you will continue teaching through the summer and many of you taking a well-earned break. Either way, summer is the perfect season for self-care.

With this spirit, we want to offer four simple tips for making the most of your summer break.

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One of the important tips when it comes to self-care is to slow down, and summer is a perfect time to dial it back. Yoga, art, swimming, slowing down are all ways to take care of yourself since you care for so many.


Now that you're out of the classroom, you can take some time for yourself. Maybe the first thing on your summer agenda is travel & exploration - the perfect way to recharge and gather inspiration. Hiking Red Rock, taking a trip to the coast, or heading abroad, traveling is a wonderful way to be present and take care of your mind.


With solid days of working in classrooms, summer offers time to move more and feel well. With many gyms offering special summer programs for educators to embrace activity, working out is available and accessible.


Summer is the perfect season to be the student and take courses, attend conferences and be part of seminars that reinforce your knowledge and skills.

Wellness is multidimensional and holistic. We encourage all of our members to take pause this summer and take time to recharge and revive. Please contact THT to learn more about programs and benefits to help you with your wellness.