24/7 Telehealth for all THT Members

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One of THT’s most popular
benefits is our telehealth network powered by MDLIVE.

Learn more about this
efficient & effective telehealth benefit and how to use it as an inexpensive alternative to urgent care.

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THT’s Telehealth Benefit

Telehealth provides easy, on-demand, virtual doctor visits any time, any day. And is resourceful benefit of the THT plan. Our telehealth partner delivers health and health-related services including medical care, provider and patient education, health information services, and self-care.

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What is MDLIVE

Every THT members has access to MDLIVE’s extensive platform. MDLIVE’sBoard Certified doctors visit virtually with THT members either by phone or secure video to help treat any non-emergency medical conditions (See the list of 50 non-emergency conditions.)

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24/7 Access. Always.

As a dedicated educator, caring for your health in the always-changing classroom environment is key. Having the option to . get health and wellness support anytime you need it is paramount. MDLIVE is a 24/7/365 platform available in the
palm of your hand.

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$0 Copay. Every time.

Beyond the benefit of 24/7 access, THT’s partnership with MDLIVE includes a $0/copay. Every time. This means that if
you need to get a non-emergency condition checked by a trusted doctor, your virtual appointment is free.


Please note…


MDLIVE is not intended to replace the role & importance of your primary care provider (PCP). Establishing and maintaining the relationship with your PCP is a priority and an essential element in your health journey. MDLIVE, when needed for non-urgent conditions arise, is an important partner of your health team.

Rebecca O