Welcome, New Educators!


The Teachers Health Trust team had a wonderful time meeting so many new teachers last week at New Hire orientation.

Thank you for your thoughtful questions, kindness and smiles. We know how important health insurance coverage is for you and your family and we are proud to be your health care plan.


Next Steps

We also know how valuable your time is and we created the online portal for an accessible enrollment experience. The confirmation # you received at Step 8 is a record of the process’s completion. If you reached this screen, THT has your information and we are currently reviewing and processing it. Important notes:


Your New Cards

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Your new insurance cards will be sent to your mailing address within 10 business days of THT processing and approving your enrollment.

If you need additional cards, please click “Request A Card” in the Benefits tab on the THT site.

Your Legal Documents

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If you completed all steps but still need to provide
your legal documents to support your dependents, email us: eligibility@teachershealthtrust.org

Include your first & last name as well as the 4-digit confirmation code from Step 8, if you have it saved

Your Benefits Guide

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Check out the 2019 Teachers Health Trust Benefits Guide, this is a snapshot of your coverage, premiums, copays and more for all of your coverage -
medical, dental, vision, and life.


Coverage &
Key Tools

As we had shared throughout the week, THT is one plan which provides medical, dental, vision, and life coverage.

Your THT coverage begins on September 1, 2019.

Here are essential tools for you to manage
your health and wellness.


Beginning 9/1/2019:


Find Your Doctors

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Access to THT’s extensive portfolio of 3,700
providers, specialists and facilities


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$0 copay for telehealth needs
via MDLive.com/tht


Prescriptions Set Up

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Management of your mail order and/or specialty
drug prescriptions via Alto Pharmacy

Customer Service

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Our dedicated Service Team is here for you.
Please connect with us.


Search the Formulary

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THT has a new searchable formulary so you can learn
more about your prescription drugs.

Local Perks for You

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THT has tons of local perks, discounts and deals for our members. Access our Summer guide below.

Rebecca O